Giovanni Battista  PIRANESI

Mogliano Veneto 1720 - Rome 1778

The man on a Rack

 Etching with engraving 562x417. Second state of two (Second Edition, First Issue, 1761), before the roman number II. Plate  II from the Piranesi's  Carceri d'invenzione. Inscribed in the lower margin the address, price and Piranesi's  signature. The first state, before signature and address, is known in only one impression included in a second Edition, First Issue, set of Carceri in the Marciana Library in Venice. A superb, strong and harmonious impression. With margins around the platemark. In excellent condition. Watermark: Fleur-de-lys  in two concentric circles with letter B (Robison 34-35).

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